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Unicorn Unchained Meadery - List of All Meads


Brewed in 2020:

blue sphereSmoky Day Strawberry purple sphere   Brewed: October 17, 2020

The day we made this strawberry melomel, with rhubarb and apricots, was the day the CalWood fire started above Jamestown. It rather exploded due to very dry and windy conditions, eventually starting various other small fires along/near the west side of US 36 north of Boulder. Dick, Marcia, and I watched thick smoke plumes as we brewed. The farm was under an evacuation order from 15:40 to 20:40, but we were in the north-east corner of the evacuation zone, well away from any fires, and didn't leave.

blue sphereAltostratus purple sphere   Brewed: August 11, 2020
Bottled: May 15, 2021

Originally called Cloudname. After the first racking we decided that it most resembled some type of stratus cloud and was later renamed Altostratus. It a methyglyn with Angelica root and a bit of ginger root. This a 3 gallon experimental mead, by me and Dick, using Talisman farm angelica root.

blue spherePOM4 purple sphere   Brewed: May 15, 2020
Bottled: September 24, 2020

Brewed a pomegranate melomel with Dick and Marcia at TF.

blue sphereCherry Squared purple sphere   Brewed: February 21, 2020
Bottled: June 3, 2020

Brewed a cherry melomel with Dick and Marcia at TF.

Brewed in 2019:

blue sphereZingiberli purple sphere   Brewed: November 21, 2019
Bottled: February 12, 2020.

Brewed a ginger methyglyn with Dick Dunn at Talisman Farm.

blue sphereCurrant Event purple sphere   Brewed: October 27, 2019
Bottled: December 12, 2019.

A currant melomel using red, white, and black currants. This was a collaborative effort by me and Dick Dunn (Talisman Farm), brewed at the farm, with currants grown at the farm.

Brewed in 2018:

blue sphere B'Ela D purple sphere   Brewed: November 2, 2018

A raspberry apple melomel/cyser. Sadly, this one did not make it due to extreme neglect.

Brewed in 2017:

blue sphere Straw in the Pines purple sphere   Brewed: July 7, 2017
Bottled: July 6, 2018

A pineapple strawberry melomel with pureed fruit.

Brewed in 2016:

blue sphere Pretty in Peach purple sphere   Brewed: November 5, 2016
Bottled: September 30, 2017

A peach melomel with Morton's Orchard organic peaches. Peaches were peeled, sliced and frozen in September 2014.

Brewed in 2015:

blue sphere Freezer Disaster purple sphere   Brewed: March 13, 2015
Bottled: Apple Blues May 6, 2016
Bottled: Double Disaster September 7, 2016

Long time no brew. After Marcia's freezer died we were able to save some fruit. This double batch has apple juice and blueberries in one half, and pie cherries in the other half. The one with apple juice and blueberries is called Apple Blues. The other was called Very Cherry, but due to a bottling mishap it became Double Disaster. Melomel.

Brewed in 2012:

blue sphere We Dunn made cyser purple sphere   Brewed: October 24, 2012
Bottled: Talisman Raspberry Cyser - October 10, 2013
Bottled: We Dunn Made Cyser - December 26, 2013

Fresh apple juice from Talisman Farms went into this double batch. Some old Talisman Farms raspberries went into one batch. TRC had very good raspberry flavor at bottling time. Cyser/melomel.

blue sphere Pomegranate Delight purple sphere   Brewed: April 19, 2012
Bottled: September 7, 2012

This is our fourth pomegranate melomel. This time with more juice.

blue sphere Through the Cracks Cider purple sphere   Brewed: February 1, 2012
Bottled: March 28, 2012

After we finished bottling Just Plain we started a cider with Big B's Apple juice.

Brewed in 2011:

blue sphere Just Plain/Aluneloops purple sphere   Brewed: April 3, 2011
Bottled: Aluneloops - November 17, 2011
Bottled: Just Plain - February 1, 2012

It was a rainy day, trying to snow, when we brewed a double batch of traditional mead. Aluneloops has hazelnut extract.

Brewed in 2010:

blue sphere Berkley Py purple sphere   Brewed: December 29, 2010   Bottled: June 17, 2011

Green and purple grapes picked at Marcia's former house on Berkley St. When bottled it was sweet with good grape flavor. Melomel / Pyment

blue shpere Solstice Cider purple sphere   Brewed: December 24, 2010   Bottled: March 4, 2011

A cider made with Big B's Apple Juice.


Brewed in 2008:

blue sphere Ginger Snap purple sphere   Brewed: November 20, 2008   Bottled: October 16, 2009

This is a very simple three gallon batch, made with Big B's Ginger Apple Cooler and orange blossom honey. Melomel / Metheglyn


Brewed in 2007:

blue sphere Doubly Disorganized purple sphere   Brewed: October 25, 2007
Created: Doubly Disorganized (x2) BoilBerry & Doubly Disorganized Hippy - November 24, 2007.
Bottled: Boilberry - July 24, 2008
Bottled: Hippy - February 6, 2009

This double batch reflects a certain amount of disorganization during the initial brewing process. No errors in sanitation, but the process did take longer than it should as we had to pause to sanitize some item or other that didn't make it into the bleach tub. One batch turned into a blueberry melomel while the other became a rosehip melomel. We were going to bottle both batches, but again disorganization struck. That's what happens when you don't do this very often. Melomel / Rhodamel / Metheglyn


Brewed in 2006:

blue sphere Double Equinox Eclipse purple sphere   Brewed: September 23, 2006
Created: Equinox Eclipse Raspberry & Equinox Eclipse Violets - October 19, 2006
Bottled: both - April 25, 2007

A double batch made with clover honey. Added violets to one and raspberries to the other. Melomel / Metheglyn


Brewed in 2005:

blue sphere Double Solstice purple sphere   Brewed: December 22, 2005
Created: Solstice Raspberry & Solstice Prickly Cher - February 2, 2006
Bottled: Solstice Raspberry - June 8, 2006
Bottled: Solstice Prickly Cher - August 24, 2006
Tasted: Solstice Prickly Cher - July 24, 2008. Yummy.

A double batch with Wildflower honey. Frozen raspberries in one, tuna (prickly pear apples) juice and some frozen cherries in the other. Melomel


Brewed in 2004:

blue sphere Double Agave purple sphere   Brewed: April 22, 2004
Created: Agave at Last - April 22, 2004
Created: Tuna Tequila - September 23, 2004
Bottled: Tuna Tequila - June 23, 2005
Bottled: Agave at Last - October 13, 2005
Tasted: July 24, 2008 - Agave at Last, a little young but not bad. Tuna Tequila, tastes even younger.

Wildflower honey and agave nectar started this double batch. Tuna juice (fruit of the prickly pear) was added to Tuna Tequila. Metheglyn / Melomel


Brewed in 2003:

blue sphere A double batch purple sphere   Brewed: December 4, 2003
Created: Rosy & Giniper - January 29, 2004
Bottled: Giniper - Noverber, 4, 2004
Bottled: Rosy - February 3, 2005

Rosy is a rhodomel with wildflower honey and rose petals. By mid-2008 we've tried this a couple of times and it is really nice. Giniper has wildflower honey and Juniper berries. Rhodomel / Metheglyn

blue sphere Twisted Pear purple sphere   Brewed: August 14, 2003
Bottled: March 25, 2004

Our first perimel (with pear juice). Perimel / Melomel

blue sphere Mayflower purple sphere   Brewed: May 29, 2003
Bottled: November 1, 2003

Sweet woodruff flowers spice up this mead. Only the flowers, no sprigs in the this one. Metheglyn

blue sphere KISSR purple sphere   Brewed: March 13, 2003
Bottled: February 19, 2004

Keep It Simple Strawberry Rhubarb is made with strawberry juice and diced rhubarb. Melomel


Brewed in 2002:

blue sphere Stahl's Cherry Vanilla purple sphere Brewed: October 10, 2002   Bottled: July 3, 2003 blue sphere Picked up honey and frozen pie cherries from Stahl's Orchards in Paonia on the way back from Telluride. Melomel / Metheglyn

purple sphere Gone to Flowers blue sphere Brewed: April 25, 2002   Bottled: February 6, 2003 purple sphere Freshly picked Lilac flowers added to half of a plain mead, in progress. Lovely (March 25, 2004) Metheglyn

blue sphere Pluto's Ploy purple sphere Brewed: April 25, 2002   Bottled: February 6, 2003 blue sphere Started by making a plain mead, and splitting it in half. This half got a half case of RW Knudsen Pomegranate juice. Melomel

purple sphere Stormy Night Violets blue sphere Brewed: April 18, 2002   Bottled: October 31, 2002 purple sphere A storm was brewing in the west as we picked violets in the fading sunlight. Metheglyn


Brewed in 2001:

blue sphere Peach Orange Blossom purple sphere Brewed: November 24, 2001   Bottled: September 27, 2002 blue sphere A peach melomel with Orange Blossom honey. Melomel

purple sphere Demeter's Daughter blue sphere Brewed: October 8, 2001   Bottled: July 11, 2002 purple sphere A pomegranate melomel made with half a case of RW Knudsen Pomegranate juice. Melomel

blue sphere Lavender Summer purple sphere Brewed: June 21, 2001   Bottled: April 4, 2002 blue sphere Fresh lavender sprigs and blossums. Very fragrant. Happy summer solstice. Metheglyn

purple sphere Gin Dandy blue sphere Brewed: April 12, 2001   Bottled: January 24, 2002 purple sphere First we brewed a plain mead. Then about a month later we added dandelion petals and chopped ginger. Metheglyn


Brewed in 2000:

blue sphere Tuna Winter purple sphere Brewed: December 21, 2000   Bottled: September 13, 2001 blue sphere Another prickly pear mead, this time without any added spices. Tried a bottle October 2005. Very good, strong prickly pear flavor. Melomel

purple sphere Raspberry blue sphere Brewed: November 9, 2000   Bottled: September 13, 2001 purple sphere This raspberry melomel has Talisman Farms raspberries and an ale yeast. Slightly sweeter than many of our meads, this one was also ready to drink earlier than most. Melomel

blue sphere Grapes of Wrath purple sphere Brewed: September 28, 2000   Bottled: June 7, 2001 blue sphere Freshly picked green and purple grapes were juiced and frozen prior to brew time. Pymet / Melomel

purple sphere Lamas Plum blue sphere Brewed: August 3, 2000   Bottled: March 8, 2001 purple sphere With freshly picked, pitted plums. Melomel

blue sphere May Mead purple sphere Brewed: May 11, 2000   Bottled: January 11, 2001 blue sphere Another mead made with Sweet Woodruff. Once again we used sprigs with the flowers, which seems to take much longer to age than just flowers. Metheglyn

purple sphere Keep It Simple Strawberry blue sphere Brewed: February 17, 2000 Bottled: December 14, 2000 purple sphere Strawberries, freshly pressed and frozen. Very tasty. Melomel


Brewed in 1999:

blue sphere Full Moon Solstice purple sphere Brewed: December 25, 1999   Bottled: October 5, 2000 blue sphere On December 22, 1999 there was full moon on the winter solstice. This mead commemorates that event. Flavored with hazelnut essence. Metheglyn

purple sphere Lou's Raspberry blue sphere Brewed: November 4, 1999   Bottled: June 29, 2000 purple sphere Raspberries from Lou's freezer with some blackberries and sour pie cherries thrown in for good measure. Melomel

blue sphere Black Cherberry purple sphere Brewed: October 14, 1999   Bottled: March 30, 2000 blue sphere Found sour pie cherries, blueberries, and blackberries in the freezer. Melomel

purple sphere Tough Tuna blue sphere Brewed: June 24, 1999   Bottled: February 10, 2000 purple sphere Started by making a cardomom metheglyn, then at the first rack added the juice of pricky pear apples (tuna). Melomel / Metheglyn

blue sphere Woodruff Waiting purple sphere Brewed: June 3, 1999   Bottled: January 20, 2000 blue sphere Sweet woodruff. A May mead brewed in early June. Sprigs of woodruff can taste a bit woody, compared to flowers only. Metheglyn

purple sphere Blue Moon Violets blue sphere Brewed: March 31, 1999   Bottled: December 2, 1999 purple sphere Violets brewed on the second full moon in March. This may or may not have been a Blue Moon depending on your definition. Either way, violet meads are always good. Metheglyn

blue sphere Cranberry purple sphere Brewed: March 3, 1999   Bottled: September 30, 1999 blue sphere Made with mashed 'Ocean Spray' cranberries. Melomel


Brewed in 1998:

purple sphere Solstice Strawberry blue sphere Brewed: December 23, 1998   Bottled: June 17, 1999 purple sphere A strawberry mead, brewed on winter solstice. Melomel

blue sphere Cryser purple sphere Brewed: November 12, 1998   Bottled: April 21, 1999 blue sphere A cranberry and apple melomel. Melomel

purple sphere Falling Cherries blue sphere Brewed: September 23, 1998   Bottled: March 17, 1999 purple sphere Sour pie cherries for another cherry melomel, brewed on the fall equinox. Melomel

blue sphere Snowy Day Violets purple sphere Brewed: August 13, 1998   Bottled: January 20, 1999 blue sphere Violet flowers, picked in the snow. Every bit as yummy as Rainy Day Violets. Metheglyn


Brewed in 1997:

purple sphere Charred Mead blue sphere Brewed: December 17, 1997   Bottled: October 28, 1998 purple sphere CHerry, Almond and Rhubarb = CHArRed. Melomel

blue sphere Simple Cyser purple sphere Brewed: November 13, 1997   Bottled: August 26, 1998 blue sphere Apple juice and honey make a nice simple cyser. Cyser / Melomel

purple sphere Peachy Keen blue sphere Brewed: October 16, 1997   Bottled: May 17, 1998 purple sphere First we brewed a plain mead, and then added peach juice with some extra honey to make a peach melomel. Melomel

blue sphere Jack in the Bottle purple sphere Brewed: October 2, 1997   Bottled: March 25, 1998 blue sphere First we brewed a plain mead. Then when it was ready to rack we mixed up some pumpkin with pumpkin pie spices and a bit more honey. Vegemel / Metheglyn

purple sphere Moon Over Millenium blue sphere Brewed: June 19, 1997   Bottled: May 20, 1998 purple sphere A thyme metheglyn brewed for the millenium in 2001. Just tried one in February 2005 and now it's getting really good. Metheglyn

blue sphere Dragon's Blood purple sphere Brewed: April 3, 1997   Bottled: September 11, 1997 blue sphere Talisman Farms raspberries make a tasty melomel. Melomel

purple sphere Jane Triplets blue sphere Brewed: February 20, 1997   Bottled: February 5, 1998 purple sphere Plain Jane is a traditional mead. At bottling time we added Orange Flower Water to make Orange Jane, and Rose Flower Water to make Rose Jane. Rose Jane takes the longest to age, after five years she was just thinking about getting drinkable. Plain Jane was good after about a year in the bottle, and continues to improve. Traditional / Metheglyn


Brewed in 1996:

blue sphere Dean's Memorial Mead purple sphere Brewed: November 7, 1996   Bottled: May 3, 1997 blue sphere In memory of our friend Dean. Rest in Peace. Apple and choke cherry. Very tart. This one took many years to mellow out. Melomel

purple sphere Jack O Lantern blue sphere Brewed: October 31, 1996   Bottled: May 3, 1997 purple sphere Spiced pumpkin. Very tasty, like pumpkin pie. Note from Diane Dunn - one should not leave spices in, as they can turn bitter. Next time use whole spices in a muslin bag and remove them. This mead should age for a VERY long time. Note from Rebecca - We tried a bottle October 28, 1998. It still tasted very young, with some spice flavor, but very little pumpkin flavor. This one did take a while to age, but by 2001 the pumpkin flavor did come out and this mead became very tasty. It continues to improve with age. Vegemel / Metheglyn

blue sphere Patched Mead purple sphere Brewed: October 24, 1996   Bottled: March 13, 1997 blue sphere Apple, cherry and peach all patched together. Melomel

purple sphere Second Cider blue sphere Brewed: October 10, 1996   Bottled: January 9, 1997 purple sphere It was a good year for apples, so we made another hard apple cider. Cider

blue sphere Experimental Cider purple sphere Brewed: September 21, 1996   Bottled: December 5, 1996 blue sphere A basic hard apple cider. Quite good. Cider

purple sphere Stone Soup blue sphere Brewed: September 19, 1996   Bottled: February 13, 1997 purple sphere This tasty peach melomel got its name from watching frozen lumps of peach slush slowly melting in hot honey and water. Melomel

blue sphere Cherry Good Mead purple sphere Brewed: September 12, 1996   Bottled: January 23, 1997 blue sphere Sour pie cherries do make a cherry good mead. Melomel

purple sphere Blue Honey blue sphere Brewed: June 27, 1996   Bottled: August 29, 1996 purple sphere A blueberry melomel. It's hard to go wrong with blueberries. We really need to do another one. Melomel

blue sphere Rhubox purple sphere Brewed: April 25, 1996   Bottled: December 12, 1996 blue sphere This is a rhubarb melomel. After some problems with stuck fermentation (Tiger Bomb, Rainy Day Violets) we built an insulated box to put carboys in. This was the first mead to go into the box. Melomel


Brewed in 1995:

purple sphere Mintaglyn blue sphere Brewed: September 28, 1995   Bottled: May 23, 1996 purple sphere Lots of fresh mint. This one is a bit strange, but it is improving with age. Metheglyn

blue sphere Maced Tuna Fig purple sphere Brewed: August 2, 1995   Bottled: February 22, 1996 blue sphere The juice of ripe, red prickly pear apples spiced with mace. Unusual but quite tasty. Melomel / Metheglyn

purple sphere Midsummer May Mead blue sphere Brewed: June 11, 1995   Bottled: January 11, 1996 purple sphere Sweet woodruff flowers add a delicate flavor to this dry, sparkling mead. Marcia says, "Very subtle flavor. Very good mead." (September 1998) Rebecca says, "Clearly our best woodruff to date." (December 2004) Metheglyn

blue sphere Persephone's Passion purple sphere Brewed: June 5, 1995   Bottled: October 12, 1995 blue sphere A delicious pomegranate melomel. Marcia says, "Really good. Among our best so far." Thanks to R.W. Knudsen for juicing those pomegranates. Melomel

purple sphere Rainy Day Violets blue sphere Brewed: May 8, 1995   Bottled: May 23, 1996 purple sphere Violet flowers picked in the rain make a light, lovely mead. This is one of U2M's best meads. Too bad we only made one gallon. (Note: June 19, 1997 - Very good. Hint of violets in color and flavor.) Metheglyn


Brewed in 1994:

blue sphere Tiger Bomb purple sphere Brewed: December 29, 1994   Bottled: February 1, 1996 blue sphere A metheglyn made with Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice tea. This one turned into a lesson on stuck fermentation and glass genades. Metheglyn

purple sphere Midwinter Metheglyn blue sphere Brewed: December 26, 1994   Bottled: June 8, 1995 purple sphere A metheglyn made with Celestial Seasonings Harvest Spice tea. Very nice. Metheglyn

blue sphere Strawberry Strike purple sphere Brewed: October 22, 1994   Bottled: April 13, 1995 blue sphere We got a really good deal on strawberries. Yum. This one was quicker to age than our previous meads. Melomel

purple sphere Ginger Peachy blue sphere Brewed: September 18, 1994   Bottled: March 5, 1995 purple sphere Based, very loosely on Barkshack Ginger Mead in the New Joy of Homebrew by Charlie Papazian. Freshly squeezed peach juice and ginger. Ginger tends to take a while to age, peach takes a while to clear. Patience will be rewarded. Melomel / Metheglyn

blue sphere Zingiberaceous Applebark purple sphere Brewed: September 17, 1994   Bottled: March 5, 1995 blue sphere Based on Barkshack Ginger Mead in the New Joy of Homebrew by Charlie Papazian. When you are just starting out, you might want to start with meads that don't take so long to age. This sparkling cyser with ginger keeps improving with age. Cyser / Melomel / Metheglyn

purple sphere Niwot's 'Nilla blue sphere Brewed: August 20, 1994   Bottled: January 30, 1995 purple sphere Based on "Chief Niwot's Mead" in the New Joy of Homebrew by Charlie Papazian, this sparkling vanilla mead took a while to age. At five years it was just beginning to mature. At ten years it's light and dry and very tasty. Metheglyn

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