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U2M - Southmoor Park Special

Local honey from a bee-keeping neighbor on S. Bross. This is a traditional mead, meant to bring out the flora qualities in the honey.


Yeast notes. 8 g D47 (Cellar Science). Rehydrated and pitched at brew time.

Brew notes. This mead has been waiting a while. It was a few years ago that I got 2 half-gallon jars from a neighbor. The honey was heated just enough to pour into the kettle. Jars were rinsed with hot water that went into the kettle, then a bit more water. Heated while stirring. When the honeywater was at 160 F we added the must chiller and maintained that temperature for 20 minutes. Then used the must chiller to cool, but not too much since we were adding cold water. The must went into a carboy, more water added to not quite full, pitched yeast, topped off with water, and put a bubble lock on. The next day it was blorping nicely. No head of foam indicating that the honey was clean. We may want to add yeast nutrient.

September 11, 2021 - brewed a traditional mead with Dick. Gr 1.080 taken just after pitch.

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