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U2M - Stormy Night Violets

blue sphere Brewed: April 18, 2002   Bottled: October 31, 2002 purple sphere A storm was brewing in the west as we picked violets in the fading sunlight.


Yeast Lalvin EC 1118 was rehyrdrated at brew time.

A storm was brewing in the west as we picked violets in the fading sunlight. Returning inside with our flowers, we measured out the honey with some water, and started it heating. The Irish moss, acid blend and yeast nutrient were added once the must was up to 160 F. Some scum was skimmed. Water was boiled to make violet tea. Half the violets were steeped for 30 minutes and the tea was strained into the must. Boiling water was poured onto the other half of the violets and allowed to steep for 30 minutes. Then the must chiller was placed into the kettle. The must was kept hot (160 F - 180 F) for 15 minutes and then cooled. The remaining violet tea was poured into the sanitized and rinsed carboy, only some of the flowers making it inside. Some water was added to rinse the flowers through the funnel, followed by the must. More water was added, then the yeast was pitched. The now nearly full carboy was stirred and topped off with a bit more water. The carboy was stored with a blow-off tube.

May 23, 2002 - Another stormy night. Racked.
October 31, 2002 - A lovely snow storm. Boiled corn sugar in water. Poured sugar water into sanitized bucket and racked mead into bucket. Stired and bottled.

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