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U2M - Keep It Simple Strawberry

blue sphere Brewed: February 17, 2000   Bottled: December 14, 2000 purple sphere Strawberries, freshly pressed and frozen. Very tasty.


Yeast started February 14, 2000 with apple juice concentrate pastuerized with water.

Honey heated with water and strawberry juice to 160 F. Added must chiller, heated to 170 F and kept hot for 15 minutes. Cooled to about 100 F. Poured into carboy. Added water to make 5 gallons. Pitched yeast. Stirred and stored with a blow-off tube.

Blow-off tube changed to bubble-lock after about a week.
April 13, 2000 - Racked.
December 14, 2000 - Boiled corn sugar with a cup of water, cooled and poured into bucket. Racked mead into bucket and stirred briefly. Bottled.

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