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U2M - Charred Mead

blue sphere Brewed: December 17, 1997   Bottled: October 28, 1998 purple sphere CHerry, Almond and Rhubarb = CHArRed.


Yeast was pre-started the morning of December 17 with 4 t yeast starter.

Heat honey with water. Add Irish Moss and skim scum. Add fruit and yeast nutrient. Cook and cool to 90 F. Put the almond extract and some water into a carboy. Pour must into carboy. Add more water. Pitch yeast and top off carboy. Stir and store with blow-off tube.

January 14, 1998 - Racked.
October 28, 1998 - SG - 1.002
Boiled corn sugar with 1 c water. Poured sugar water into bucket. Racked mead into bucket. Stirred and bottled.

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