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The unicorn wandered over here from a place called Unicorn Dreams. Unfortunately that website no longer exists.


Welcome to the Unicorn Unchained Meadery (U2M). U2M was started in August 1994 by Rebecca Sobol and Marcia Crary. By 2018 Marcia was not finding the time to make mead, and in 2019 my half of Unicorn Unchained started collaborating with Dick Dunn at Talisman Farm.

This is a non-commercial meadery and have no mead for sale. So why is this a website? Brewing has never happened at my house and the brew notes are at the brew site. This is my copy. I take meads to parties and sometimes give some away. If you have U2M or TF/U2M meads and you want more information, see the List of All Meads for a short description and a link to brew notes.

Old U2M meads have labels on the bottles, with the mead name and bottling date. Meads made at the farm have labels on the caps. Since cap labels are small, mead names may be abbreviated, but there should also be a bottling date to help figure it out.

Meads in progress:

Bottled in 2024:


Bottled in 2023:

Damsel 23

Mead Mule

Fruit Salad 3

Cherry Redux

Concord Py


A short list of other resources:

About Mead

Commercial meaderies can be hard to find, but they are out there. Some liquor stores carry meads. If you look around you can probably find some for sale.

Forrest Cook's Mead Page for more (and different) information about mead.

Visit Talisman Farm, home of the Mead-Lovers Digest. Last updated in 2014.

Visit Got Mead, a complete mead resource.

Read The New Complete Joy of Home Brewing by Charlie Papazian. Avon Books.

Read The Compleat Meadmaker by Ken Schramm. Brewers Publications.

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