U2M - May Mead

Another mead made with Sweet Woodruff. Once again we used sprigs with the flowers, which seems to take much longer to age than just flowers.


Yeast started May 1, 2000 with 1 c grape juice pastuerized with 2 c water.

May 11, 2000 - Honey heated with water. Added must chiller, yeast nutrient and woodruff, heated to 160 F and kept hot for 15 minutes. Cooled. Poured into bucket. Added water to make 5+ gallons. Pitched yeast. Stirred and stored with a bubble-lock.

June 15, 2000 - Racked. SG 1.014

January 11, 2001 - Boiled corn sugar with water. Racked mead into bucket with sugar water. Bottled.

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