U2M - Stone Soup

This tasty peach melomel got its name from watching frozen lumps of peach slush slowly melting in hot honey and water.


5 grams Lalvin EC 1118 Champagne Yeast was started September 17, 1996 in 1 cup honey mixed with 1 cup Eldorado Springs water.

September 19, 1996 - Honey mixed with tap H2O and heated to 180 F. Added acid blend, gypsum and yeast nutrient and kept hot for about 20 minutes. We were also racking Cherry Good Mead, so it cooked longer than usual. Added semi-frozen peaches and let it sit until all the peach mush had melted. Round lumps of frozen peach juice floating in the must gave this one it's name. Let it sit until cooled, and poured into a glass carboy. Added some water, a combination of Eldorado Springs water and filtered tap water, almost enough to make 5 gallons. Pitched yeast, topped off with water and stored with a blow off tube.

October 24, 1996 - Racked, SG 1.000 @ 68 F

February 13, 1997 - Bottled still.

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