U2M - Rainy Day Violets

Violet flowers picked in the rain make a light, lovely mead. This is one of U2M's best meads. Too bad we only made one gallon. (Note: June 19, 1997 - Very good. Hint of violets in color and flavor.)


Heat honey with water to almost boiling. Add acid blend and yeast nutrient. Skim scum. Keep hot for about 15 minutes to pasturize. Add flowers. Cool, pour into carboy and add water to make 1 gallon. Pitch yeast. Stir and store with bubble lock.

Brewed May 8, 1995

July 22, 1995 - Racked.

October 12, 1995 - Racked, SG 1.032

January 11, 1996 - SG 1.011

April 11, 1996 - SG 1.006 @ 62 F, Racked. It tasted sweet with a hint of violets. Color is golden. Another rainy day. We picked 1.25 pints of violet flowers. Made tea with 3 cups boiling Eldorado Springs H2O, steeped for 35 minutes. The tea was teal colored and smelled a bit like steamed spinach. When it had cooled, it was added to the mead. The teal tea poured into the golden mead turned into a very pretty sunset, with shades of pink/orange/purple slowly diffusing into the golden mead.

May 23, 1996 - Bottled. Still bubbly. Nothing was added.

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