U2M - B'Ela D

A raspberry apple melomel/cyser with Talisman Farms raspberries and Big B's and Ela apple juice. Sadly, this one didn't make it due to severe neglect.


Yeast notes. Yeast Lab Whitbread Ale yeast rehydrated at brew time with 1 tablespoon of Go-Ferm, water and a bit of apple juice. This yeast is old, so we may add more in a day or two, if it isn't fermenting well. Note: it was bubbling nicely the next day.

November 2, 2018 - Half the raspberries and the apple juice were taken out of the freezer in the morning and were thawed. The other half of the raspberries were mostly frozen. We started the honey in the kettle with water, added the frozen raspberries, and heated to about 160F and kept hot for a little over 15 minutes. We put the thawed raspberries and apple juice into the bucket, poured the hot must on top, and stirred well. The temperature of the must was about 100F when we pitched the yeast. Then we topped off the bucket with water to about 5.5 gallons, stirred and stored with a bubble lock.

September 26, 2019 - finally tried to rack, too late. Badly oxidized; ended up in compost. Very sad.

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