U2M - Peachy Keen

First we brewed a plain mead. Then at racking time we added peach juice with some extra honey to make a peach melomel.


Yeast was pre-started on October 14, 1997 with 4 t yeast starter.

October 16, 1997 - Heat honey with some water. Add Irish Moss, ascorbic acid, yeast nutrient and gypsum. Skim scum and add must chiller. Heat to 170 F and keep hot for 15 minutes. Cool, pour into carboy and add water to make 5 gallons. Pitch yeast. Stir and store with blow-off tube.

December 11, 1997 - Heat 3 1/2 qts. H2O with peaches and honey. Stir in acid blend and yeast nutrient. Cook at 170 F for 15 minutes. Cool to 75 F and pour into a carboy. Rack the plain mead into the carboy on to the peach must. Stir and store with blow-off tube. Tube changed to bubble lock about a week later.

January 14, 1998 - Racked, SG 0.994

April 22, 1998 - racked, SG 0.994

May 17, 1998 - Boil corn sugar with 1 cup water for 10 minutes. Pour sugar water into bucket and rack mead into bucket. Bottle.

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