U2M - Midwinter Metheglyn

A methyglyn made with Celestial Seasonings Harvest Spice tea. Very nice.


Heat honey with water to almost boiling. Add acid blend and yeast nutrient. Skim scum, not much to skim. Keep hot for about 15 minutes to pasturize. Cool and pour into carboy. Add tea and water to make 5 gallons. SG 1.075 @ 78 F. Pitch yeast at 78 F. Stir and store with bubble lock.

December 26, 1994 - Brewed and stored with a bubble lock.

February 23, 1995 - Racked.

June 8, 1995 - Corn sugar boiled for 10 minutes with 1 cup Eldorado Springs water. Mead and sugar mixed together in a plastic pail and bottled.

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