U2M - Mintaglyn

Lots of fresh mint. This one is a bit strange, but it is improving with age.


Heat honey with water to almost boiling. Add gypsum, acid blend, and Irish moss. Skim scum. Keep hot for about 15 minutes to pasturize. Cool and pour into carboy. Add tea, yeast nutrient, acid blend, and water to fill 5 gallons. Pitch yeast. Stir and store with bubble lock. SG 1.100

September 28, 1995 - Brewed.

October 26, 1995 - Racked. SG 1.015

February 22, 1996 - Racked. SG 1.006 @ 60 F. Tastes good.

May 23, 1996 - Bottled still.

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