U2M - Just Plain/Aluneloops

It was a rainy day, trying to snow, when we brewed a double batch of traditional mead.


Yeast was rehydrated at brew time.

April 3, 2011 - Heated honey with water to 160F. Added must chiller and kept between 160-170F for 15 minutes. Cooled the must and divided it between two carboys. Added some water to each carboy. Each batch got half of the yeast, and were topped off with more water. Stirred and stored with bubble-locks.

November 17, 2011 - racked one carboy into a bucket along with 50 ml Still Spirits hazelnut extract and 3/4 c of boiled corn sugar, then stirred and bottled Aluneloops.

February 1, 2012 - bottled Just Plain

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