U2M - Grapes of Wrath

Freshly picked green and purple grapes were juiced and frozen prior to brew time.


Grape juice preparation: 6.75 lbs of mostly green grapes + 13.75 of mostly purple grapes = 1 gallon juice from 1st pressing + 7 cups from second pressing.

Yeast rehydrated at brew time.

September 28, 2000 - Started heating honey and water in the kettle. Grape juice was thawed and heated seperately. Added Irish moss and skimmed scum. Heated honey/water to 170 then added grape juice and the must chiller. Brought heat back to 170 and kept hot for 10 minutes. Cooled. Poured into bucket. Added water to make 5+ gallons. Pitched yeast. Stirred and stored with a bubble-lock.

Name note: We originally called this Py = Mead, for a pyment brewed at the equinox (well close anyway). However, for several years now we have wanted to brew with the grapes that grow around Marcia's back porch, and every year the racoons beat us to the grapes. This year we beat the racoons and got the grapes first, and the racoons got so angry they tore down the birdfeeder.

October 12, 2000 - Racked.

June 7, 2001 - Boiled corn sugar with water for 10 minutes. Poured cooled sugar water into bucket and racked mead into bucket. Stirred and bottled.

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