U2M - Full Moon Solstice

On December 22, 1999 there was full moon on the winter solstice. This mead commemorates that event. Flavored with hazelnut essence.


Yeast was rehydrated at brew time.

December 25, 1999 - Honey heated with water. Added Irish moss, yeast nutrient and acid blend. Skimmed scum. Added must chiller, heated to 170 F and kept hot for 20 minutes. Cooled to about 95 F. Poured into carboy. Added water to make 5 gallons. Pitched yeast. Stirred and stored with a blow-off tube.

March 9, 2000 - Racked. SG 1.000

October 5, 2000 - SG 0.998 Boil 1 c H2O with corn sugar for 10 minutes. Pour sugar water into bucket and rack mead into bucket. Add hazelnut essence. Stir and bottle.

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