U2M - Falling Cherries

Sour pie cherries for another cherry melomel, brewed on the fall equinox.


Yeast was pre-started September 22 with yeast starter, clover honey and water.

September 23, 1998 - Wildflower honey heated with water. Irish moss added. Scum skimmed. Heated to 170 F. Added yeast nutrient and acid blend and cherries. Must chiller also added. Heated back to 170 F and kept hot for 15 minutes. Cooled to about 95 F and poured into the bucket. Added more water to make 6 gallons. Stirred, pitched yeast and stirred again. Stored with a bubble lock.

October 11, 1998 - Racked, SG 1.002

March 17, 1999 - SG 1.000 Corn sugar boiled with water for 20 minutes. Sugar water poured into bucket and mead racked on top. Bottled.

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