U2M - Double Solstice

A double batch with Wildflower honey. Frozen raspberries in one, tuna (prickly pear apples) juice and some frozen cherries in the other.


One package of Yeast Labs Whitbread Ale yeast was rehydrated at brew time, with 2.5 t yeast energizer mixed in after rehydration. Also one package of Danstar Windsor Brewing yeast was rehydrated at brew time, also with 2.5 t yeast energizer.

December 22, 2005 - heated honey with water. Honey water kept at 150F - 170F for 15 minutes to pasturize. Cooled and divided the must between two carboys. Added one yeast mix to each carboy, added more water to fill each carboy. Then both were stirred and stored with bubble locks.

February 2, 2006 - fruit removed from freezer previously, so it was (mostly) thawed. Put the raspberries into one sanitized bucket and racked the carboy with the Windsor yeast onto the raspberries. Put the cherries and the tuna juice into another sanitized bucket and racked the Ale yeast carboy on top. Both batches were stirred gently and stored with bubble locks.

April 14, 2006 - racked both batches off the fruit and into clean carboys. Stored with bubble locks.

June 8, 2006 - boiled corn sugar with water. Racked raspberry mead into bucket with sugar water. Bottled Solstice Raspberry.

August 24, 2006 - bottled Solstice Prickly Cher.

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