U2M - We Dunn made (raspberry) cyser

Fresh apple juice from Talisman Farms went into this double batch. Some old Talisman Farms raspberries went into one batch. Cyser/melomel.


Yeast notes: 1 package of Gervin wine yeast and 1 package of Red Star Cote des Blanc yeast were started with honey (separately) the night before brewing.

October 24, 2012: Put 16 pounds of honey and some water in kettle-1 and started heating. Put 1.25 pounds honey and some water in kettle-2 and started heating. When the honey was dissolved 3.75 pounds of Talisman Farms raspberries were added to kettle-2. These raspberries were really old, like from 1998 old, frozen, thawed, refrozen and thawed again. They smelled good though, and had good flavor. Kettle-2 cooked faster and the temperature got up to 180F during the 20 minutes it was kept hot. Kettle-2's content were cooled and poured into a bucket and about 2 gallons of apple juice poured on top. Some sulfite and yeast nutrient were stirred into the bucket with the raspberry/apple mix. Meanwhile kettle-1 continued to heat. When we started the 20 minute timer the temperature was 140F and it climbed to 170F during the heating. About 3 gallons of apple juice went into a carboy with some sulfite and yeast nutrient. The kettle-1 was cooled and its contents divided between the bucket and the carboy. The yeast was pitched into each batch, the Gervin into the bucket and the Red Star into the carboy. Both were topped off with some water and stirred well. The carboy was stored with a blow-off tube (which was soon changed to a bubble lock) and the bucket with a bubble lock.

November 29, 2012 - racked both

October 10, 2013 - bottled Talisman Raspberry Cyser

December 26, 2013 - bottled We Dunn Made Cyser

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