U2M - Cryser

A cranberry and apple melomel.


Yeast was pre-started November 9 with yeast starter, OJ and water.

November 12, 1998 - Honey heated with apple juice. Irish moss, gypsum and yeast nutrient added. Heated to 170 F. Added must chiller and brought back to 170 F. Kept hot for 15 minutes. Cooled to about 95 F. Cranberry juice poured carboy. Apple must also poured into carboy. Yeast pitched. Water added to make 5 gallons. Stirred and stored with a blow-off tube.

January 6, 1999 - Racked. SG 1.002

April 21, 1999 - Corn sugar boiled with some water to pastuerize. Poured sugar water into bucket, racked mead on top. Bottled.

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