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The Rosy Boa Saga

Snakes are great escape artists. This great escape saga begins in November 2000 and concludes in January 2001.

The babies from Sunshine's 3rd litter were about a month old when I went out of town and asked a friend to check on the snakes and water the plants while I was gone. There were six babies when I left, but when I got home there were only four babies in their shoeboxes and two boxes that had contained 3.5 and 3.6 were not quite closed and empty.

A couple of days later one of the babies (3.6) showed up at the top of stairs, trying to figure out how to get down. [Not an easy feat when you're not quite as long as the riser.]

Soon after that babies 3.1 and 3.6 were sold and I left town again at the end of November. Not long after I got back Sunny pointed out to me that the cage lid was not on quite right. Sure enough, Rocky was gone. Two or three weeks later Rocky showed up again, in the boa room. He was a bit thirsty, but none the worse for wear. It seems unlikely that he ever left the boa room, although very well hidden.

When the photos of Sunny and the kids playing on the cow skull were taken, Rocky and number 3.5 were missing. During the photo shoot all three remaining babies hid inside the skull and would not come out. One of them came out the next day and was returned to its shoebox. Finally I had to immerse the skull in a large tub, slowly filling tub with tepid water. The babies soon came swimming out eager to trade a wet cow skull for warm and dry shoebox.

By January 2001 baby 3.5 had been missing for 2 months. This baby had never eaten. I had no hope of ever finding the little guy. All the snakes live upstairs, in my two story place. So when I looked for 3.5 I looked upstairs. Then one evening I went to get an empty box out of the under-the-stairs closet and hiding in the box, under an empty 6-pack holder was the errant 3.5.

So all the lost rosy boas were found. The month old snake that had been missing for 2 months was hungry and thirsty when found, but very much alive and healthy. The little guy never missed another meal as long I had it.

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