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Habitat for Rosy boas

This homemade snake cage is about 4 feet long x 2 feet wide x 18 inches high. It is good cage for these smaller boas, but I've at other times used it to house Rainbow boas and Ball (Royal) pythons.

It is shown below with newspaper substrate, a square piece of dri-dek tile under a ceramic water dish, a decorative "hot" rock that is slightly warm, a washed out cow skull for fun and an oversized hide-box. You can't see it, but inside the hide box there is a smaller box that they can get into or on top of, or just squish in between the box and the hide.

Rosy boa cage

This cage was fairly simple to construct. It starts with a 2 foot by 4 foot slab of 3/4 inch plywood covered with a sheet of Formica. The sides are 18 inch high pieces of 1/4 inch thick glass, of the appropriate lengths to form a box on top of the formica. Aquarium sealant (silicon) is used to seal the pieces of glass together, and to seal them to the floor.

Get it up off the floor by adding 4 short pieces (about 4 - 6 inches long) of two x four boards. Put one piece in each corner, under the floor, so the base is lifted 2 inches off the ground. Add four decorative strips of wood around the base to hide the glass-floor seam and the two by four "feet". Mine was cut with beveled edges so the ends fit smoothly together. Four castor wheels were attached to the two by four feet to make the cage easier to move and to help provide better airflow to the heat tape.

The top was made by Thomas Boyd of Diamondback Enterprises. It's in two pieces, held together in the center with a long hinge, so there are two sections of screen stapled to the wooden frame. The smaller sections of screen are more secure than a larger would be, and each side of the cage opens independently.

For heat I have a 3 foot piece of 11 inch wide heat tape thumbtacked to the underside of the cage toward the back right.

Rosys side by side

To the left is another setup, circa 2004, after Daemon's old room had been painted and new carpet installed. Instead of the wheels, the cage sits on a 2 foot by 6 foot stand with a counter top that extends beyond the stand to hold the 20 gallon long aquarium. At the time a gravid Sunshine has the aquarium and Sirocco has the larger cage to himself. I've added a light on a timer and replaced the big hide with some smaller hides.

rosy cage

The last photo shows the setup as of September 2009. Newspaper substrate, four hide boxes, two over the heat tape, ceramic water dish on a square piece of dri-dek tile, the same old cow skull, and other furnishing that help hold everything in place. The thermostat sensor is under the rectangular piece of dri-dek tile. The heat tape is still thumbtacked to the underside and runs under the wooden hide and down to the the small hide box in the center-rear. The decorative "hot" rock is at room temperature.

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