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Rainbow Boas

Epicrates cenchria. There are nearly a dozen subspecies of rainbow boas, inhabiting much of Central and South America. The Brazilian Rainbow boa (Epicrates cenchria cenchria) is the largest, maxing out at a slender 7 feet or so. The smallest is found only in the Jonestown area of Guyana in the wild, but the sub-species (E.c. ssp.) is becoming common through captive breeding programs, at least in the US.

Rainbow boas live in wet areas; by rivers, streams, lakes or swamps. These areas tend to be somewhat inaccessible to humans and these snakes are shy and nocturnal, so they have not been widely studied in the wild.

Rain in water

Here is my Rainbow Boa Care Sheet.

My Rainboa boas:

In captivity a neonate Rainbow boa will feed on pinky or fuzzy mice. Some will only start on live fuzzies. As adults mine were happy with frozen/thawed rats. Cloud ate mostly small rats. Rain prefers small or medium rats. Zephyr happily finished all the large rats that were left in the freezer after Daemon died. Mist started on hopper rats but now eats small or medium rats.

Rain currently lives in this big cage, although sometimes he ends up his 48 inch Neodesha cage in this rack. Mist is currently in one of the rack cages.

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