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Neodesha 48 inch Rack

Rainbow rack

At one time I had three Rainbow boas in this big cage, and two Ball/Royal pythons in this home made cage. Both of these cages were in the same room as my Burmese python. Then the room became infested with snake mites, and all six snakes were infected. The ball pythons were moved into large rubbermaid tubs, treated and released to new homes. I got this rack system for my three rainbow boas and set it up in another room, away from the infestation. Twice a week, the boas were soaked in water with a drop of dish soap (reducing surface tension for better mite drowning) and the cages wiped down with soapy water followed by a wipe down with clean water, and all cage furntiture washed and rinsed. In two or three weeks the boas were mite free. Treating Daemon, his room and the big cage took much longer.

This photo was taken not long after the boas moved into the rack. Zephyr can be seen in the middle cage, soaking in the small aquarium on the right. Rain is in the bottom cage, also in his cool pool. A shed skin is all that can be seen of Cloud, in the top cage. I no longer have the rack, or the snakes that once lived there.

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