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A Multilevel Habitat

Big Cage

This cage is four feet wide, two feet deep and five and a half feet high. It was custom made for snakes back when I had two young burmese pythons. Since then it has been a home for up to three rainbow boas, and at another time it held a pair of ball pythons. It is well suited to medium sized snakes that like to climb.

It is currently set up for Rain, my first rainbow boa. In the photo on the right the sliding glass doors have been removed for a better look at the interior.

Built by a professional cabinet maker, this is a nice looking oak framed cage that is also well insulated to retain heat and humidity. The interior surfaces are covered with formica for easy cleaning, the sides are double paned glass, the solid back has a layer of insulating material sandwiched between the inner formica and outer wood, and in front four storm window panels serve as sliding glass doors. These windows can be lifted out of the frame entirely, as shown, for easier access and cleaning.

One large shelf is attached to the back wall which contains a small stainless steel sink. Currently there is only one additional shelf, mounted high on the back wall. When I had more snakes sharing the cage I added more shelves and more furniture so each snake could establish a territory. Here's a picture of the upper half, with the doors mounted and closed. Rain can be seen in the small (5 gallon) aquarium to the left of the sink.

Upper levels

Below is a closeup of the lower level. The doors have once again been removed, for a better view of the interior. Rain spends most of his time in the rubbermaid tub, where he can soak and hide in the warm water. The tub sits on a thermostatically controlled pig blanket to keep it warm. All three water dishes are washed and refilled frequently, but any further cage cleaning tends to be infrequent, as Rain tends to defecate in the water.

Lower level

The cage was made to fit through most doorways and it slides well on carpet, making it relatively to easy move around for short distances. It does weigh about 250 pounds, making longer journeys and winding staircases more problematic.

Rain seems to like to the space, and he uses it, so I see him out and about more than when he's in his smaller Neodesha cage. See Rain's Photo Gallery for examples.

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