The Snakepit at Unicorn Unchained

Baby Daemon, Aug. 1985

In July of 1985 I walked into a pet store "just to look" and walked out with a baby burmese python, a plastic water dish, a hot rock and a ten gallon aquarium. Sometime after that I started looking for books about snakes, burmese pythons and snake care.

Do NOT do this. Most snakes that are the victims of impulse buys do not survive. They die of cold, heater burns, neglect and abuse. They are scarred by rat bites and suffer from mites and other parasites. They are dumped off at animal shelters and zoos or just right into the trash. Snakes are great escape artists and may turn up months or years later sometimes long after the original owners have moved on. Burmese pythons are large snakes that have been known to kill their owners when handled carelessly.

Daemon Grown

Do the research first. My burmese python only lived for 13 years, but some will live up to 30 years. As an adult he was 13 feet long. I got other snakes over the years. Medium-sized ball pythons and rainbow boas, and smaller rosy boas.

I have a multi-level habitat is suitable for medium sized snakes, such as ball pythons and rainbow boas, that is available for free. Some accessories also available.

Now I have one snake, Sunshine, a rosy boa. She was born in September 1996. The pictures are of Sunshine as an adult (right), and one of the babies from her 3rd clutch (born October 2000). They are both posing on the same cow skull.



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