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Unicorn Unchained Meadery - Fruit Notes

12 oz. blueberries make just over 1 cup of juice. Blue Honey used 3 * 12 oz. flats to get around 3 1/4 to 3 1/2 cups of juice.

Cherries: 15.5 lbs in a bucket of organic sour cherries made 11 lbs pitted fruit and juice. See Cherry Good Mead.

Prickly Pear Apples = Tuna (spanish) = Fico d'India (Italian). Maced Tuna Fig borrows from both Spanish and Italian names Tough Tuna, Tuna Winter and Tuna Tequila all use the Spanish word Tuna to indicate a mead made with the fruit of the Pricky Pear cactus.

1 quart of plums makes about 2.5 lbs pitted plums. Used in Lamas Plum.

6.75 lbs of mostly green grapes + 13.75 of mostly purple grapes
= 1 gallon juice from 1st pressing + 7 cups from second pressing
= Grapes of Wrath.

Notes on dandelions: Yeah, it's a flower and not a fruit, but here it is anyway. Of course when you pick dandelions you want to find a field that has not been sprayed with any sort of pesticide. Pick the flower head, and separate the yellow petals from the rest immediately. Otherwise the heads shrivel up and make it very difficult to get the petals out. You only want to use the petals, not any other part of the flower. Dandelion greens are good in a salad though. We found that 9 cups of well-packed dandelion petals weighed in at about 20 ounces. See Gin Dandy

This page about rose hips says that the seeds are covered with sliver-hairs that, when ingested, irritate the digestive system. We picked just over two quarts of rose hips from the same source as the petals used in Rosy. Completely organic. We discovered that one quart weighed one pound. To process the hips we removed the stems, most of heads, and seperated out the debris and washed the hips. The hips were boiled, mashed and strained. This was done three times over the course of two days, resulting in 12 cups of rose hip juice/tea. This was frozen for later use. Processing rose hips is a labor intensive process. The tea was used in Doubly Disorganized Hippy

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